77 Video Sharing Websites

77 Video Sharing Websites To Publish Your Videos Online

Video sharing services can promote your online videos through SEO.

If you get your video submitted to the right video hosting websites, and optimize them correctly you can get your videos independently ranking in search engines.

The keys to optimizing web videos

  • Add your keywords to the video title
  • Add your keywords in the video description area
  • Embed keywords in the video metadata
  • Use a long text description on the video sharing website
  • Do outreach to have website owners embed your video on their sites. Contact blogs, websites, news sites and social media sites and ask them to embed your video.  You need to make sure they embed it, not just link to it.

77 sites that you can use for video search engine optimization that will host and share your web videos with the web. These are specialized vertical sites for creating, discovering, searching, sharing, storing your videos.

After uploading videos, you will need to get links to the video detail page to get better placement in the search engine results pages. It usually requires 1/10 the amount of links to promote a video compared to a web page.

Top 10 video sharing websites

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Facebook
  4. Dailymotion
  5. Blip
  6. Wistia
  7. Metacafe
  8. Veoh
  9. Megavideo
  10. Revver

Video Sharing Websites

  1. BigContact social podcasting/videocasting
  2. blinkx tv / video / podcast search
  3. blip.tv video/podcasting sharing service
  4. Bolt video/photo/music sharing service
  5. Boltfolio video sharing service
  6. Brightcove professional paid video hosting and distribution
  7. BroadbandSports.com sports video portal with videos of sporting events and football matches
  8. BroadSnatch podcasts & v-log
  9. Castpost social video hosting / sharing
  10. Clipshack social video sharing
  11. Dailymotion international video sharing site with full length movies and copyrighted content
  12. DiviCast social podcasting/videocasting
  13. Dropshots social video sharing
  14. EveryBit search multimedia web content
  15. EyeSpot simple video mixing and sharing
  16. FireAnt.tv social video sharing
  17. Flukiest music/photo/video sharing
  18. Freevlog video logging tutorial
  19. GetDemocracy internet television
  20. GlideDigital social photo/music/video/file/etc sharing
  21. Grinvi social video sharing in spanish
  22. Grouper social video sharing
  23. Hulu professional videos and movies only, soon to offer a subscription service
  24. Kolablog multimedia blogging service; free
  25. LifeBlogger free blogging service
  26. Loomia podcast/video search engine
  27. Magnoto free modular blogging service
  28. MediaMax online media / file storage ; free (25 gb) and paid accounts
  29. MediaTurner rich media player service
  30. mefeedia social video sharing
  31. MetaCafe social video sharing allows movies and paid content
  32. MyVideoKaraoke social karaoke video sharing of self made music videos
  33. Openvlog video recording and sharing
  34. Orb secure access to media (music/photo/video)
  35. Ourmedia online storage
  36. Phanfare social photo / video sharing
  37. PicPix photo/video sharing/tag/organization application
  38. PiXPO video sharing service
  39. poddater video personals with tags
  40. Podesk video podcast/blog software
  41. Pooxi video search engine (french)
  42. Popcast social video broadcasting
  43. Revver social video sharing on this very popular youth oriented site
  44. SelfCastTV social video sharing
  45. SevenLoad social video sharing
  46. Sharkle social video sharing
  47. ShoZu social photo / video / text mobile sharing
  48. Stickam social media sharing
  49. Stridr / swapzies social media storage
  50. Strmz videos from TV channels
  51. Trueveo video search engine
  52. Tubemogul service to share and distribute your videos to multiple video search engines
  53. TurnHere film of the day
  54. uZood social media video sharing
  55. VideoBomb social video hosting / sharing
  56. VideoEgg video publishing
  57. VideoSift social video sharing
  58. VidiLife social video sharing
  59. Vimeo social video sharing, unlimited length uploads, easy embedding – one of our favorites
  60. vlogmap video blogs on google maps
  61. vMix social video sharing
  62. Veoh full video sharing service with professional features
  63. Vongo high-quality full screen video plugin software
  64. vSocial social video sharing
  65. woomu social video sharing with user tags and votes
  66. YouTube social video sharing, uploads limited to 10 minutes
  67. Zippyvideos social video sharing
  68. joyofandroid.com A super detailed guide on 8 Apps to Watch Live TV on your mobile device.

With so many options for promoting your videos, you may be overwhelmed. If you promote your videos on the following websites you will cover 95% of the online audience.

Get your videos distributed to your audience online and share them with these services.  If you have more video sharing websites to add to this list, please add them in the comments below.