Top YouTube Channels

Are you struggling to decide what to watch on YouTube? The sheer number of YouTube channels can cause decision paralysis and a case of FOMO. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube channels you should watch next.

Compiling a list of “the best” YouTube channels is almost impossible. Which is why we’ve settled on a list of interesting YouTube channels worth watching. You might not like them all, but you should find something you’ll enjoy.

  1. Tasty

This channel will make you drool. The snack-sized videos break down delicious dishes into the simple steps it takes to make them. You’ll want to dash into your kitchen and try these recipes. All of them.

Tasty also runs its own YouTube shows, including Tasty 101, Eating Your Feed, and Behind Tasty.

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2Minute Magic

This fascinating YouTube channel will teach you simple magic tricks, illusions, and science experiments. Whether you need material for your kid’s next birthday party or want to impress your friends, this channel will set you up nicely.

Note that the videos are slightly longer than five minutes. You can easily spend an hour and more on this channel, studying new tricks.

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  1. The King of Random

This channel features random weekend projects, experiments, and life hacks. These DIY/mad science videos are professionally produced and range from useful to entertaining.

You’ll find tips for improving cell phone reception, a way to make self-freezing soda, and survival tips, like how to start a fire with a sandwich bag.

New videos drop at 5pm ET every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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  1. LinusTechTips

This channel is a great place to learn about technology. Beginners should start with the As Fast As Possible playlist, which features short videos that explain basic technology and terms. For example, you can find out about TCP/IP, CPU Cache, or how fitness trackers work.

If you’re in the market for a new PC, the Build Guides, Buyer’s Guides, and Ultimate Guides playlists will show you what to look for and how to build your own PC.

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  1. Tech Geeks Try Stuff

This channel shows a bunch of geeks facing various challenges. In Season 1, they tried foods from around the world, including space food and sour candy. And in Season 2 they tried to solve tech trivia, while blind-testing soda, pizza, and ice cream brands.

Disclaimer: Tech Geeks Try Stuff is a MakeUseOf channel.

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  1. Music TalentNow

At first glance, this channel looks amateurish. But when you realize that it’s accumulated over 4 billion views, you know this is a case of false first impressions.

Music TalentNow features short clips from various international TV shows, like American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent. If you don’t have the time or patience to sit through these shows, here’s a chance to catch only the best performances and see what everyone’s talking about.

Similar YouTube channels include Top Talent and X Factor Global.

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  1. Chills

You won’t forget the monotone voice of this Canadian dude. Once you’ve watched the scariest things caught on dashcam, heard the scary dark web stories, and saw the mysterious giant creatures, it might even come back to haunt you in your sleep.

The majority of these YouTube videos, however, won’t keep you up at night (unless you can’t stop watching). They’re only mildly creepy and mostly entertaining.

The maker of Chills also narrates the Top15s videos, which are less scary, but equally worth watching.

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  1. CrazyRussianHacker

For Taras Kulakov, “safety is number one priority”. The USSR born former Ukrainian Olympic swimmer, who now lives in Waynesville, North Carolina, explores everything from boiling Coke, testing military food, to dumping 30 pounds of dry ice into a pool.

Taras also shares life hacks and tests gadgets. The random mix creates a fun collection of YouTube videos that are definitely worth watching.

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  1. FailArmy

The laugh is always on the loser. And you will split your sides laughing while watching these epic fail videos.

Always remember that one day, you could be the star of a fail video, because this channel accepts fan submissions.

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  1. People Are Awesome

On the bright side, failure is a result of trying. And trying hard, over and over again, can lead to great results. People are Awesome celebrates the achievements of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Activities include extreme sports and simple exercises taken to the extreme.

Like FailArmy, this channel depends on material submitted by its viewers. If you have ever documented an amazing trick on video, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. TheRichest

Each video on this channel features a list of fun facts around a fascinating topic. That includes anything from stuff science can’t explain to common objects dirtier than your toilet. Can you find 10 videos you like on this channel?

To curb the randomness, dive into one of the playlists, which focus on unusual people, movies and TV, or creatures and animals.

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  1. Looper

Looper shines a light on the Easter eggs, interesting facts, and untold stories behind your favorite movies, TV shows, and games. You’ll learn what happened to Mr. T, how famous horror movie monsters look underneath their masks, and why they never made a sequel to Inception.

For someone with an interest in popular culture, this channel provides endless entertainment.

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  1. Amazing Space

Amazing Space is a YouTube channel dedicated to the infinite space beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Featured videos include live streams from the International Space Station, high-resolution videos of the Earth and the Sun, and a collection of time-lapse videos.

The material is sourced from NASA, the ESA (European Space Agency), and other exclusive sources.

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And if this YouTube channel gets you in the mood to dive deeper into space, here are the best documentaries about the universe in which we all live.

  1. The School of Life

This YouTube channel and real-life school for adults addresses the kinds of subjects many parents and schools neglect: philosophy, psychotherapy, literature, and art. Channel topics include relationships, work and capitalism, comedy, and pop culture.

You can stream individual videos on topics you’re interested in. Or you can follow a curated curriculum to graduate from the school of life as a fully educated adult.

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  1. Veritasium

Every video on this channel contains an element of truth. Derek Muller answers intriguing questions and explores entertaining subjects through the lense of science. For example, do you know how chameleons change color, whether cell phones can cause brain tumors, or how welding in space works? You’ll find out on Veritasium.

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